Surprising History of Engagement Rings and Latest Trend

Engagement rings history is quite surprising. People joke rings to be tiny cuffs. This was the truth in the past, it was a sign of ownership but the definition has changed —- today it represents love and commitment!

History of engagement rings

  • In Ancient Rome, women wore rings of iron, copper, bone, flint, and ivory to indicate a business contract or assert shared love and respect. Romans wore two engagement rings – Iron one at home and gold ring in public. Early Romans even believed that ‘vein of love’ is located on your 4th finger of the left hand, so custom on wearing engagement rings on that finger started.
  • In the ruins of Pompeii, gold rings were discovered. This proves that lustrous metal became the chosen material in the Common Era.
  • The engagement ring got an official meaning in 850. Pope Nicholas-1 stated that the gold engagement ring represents a guy’s intention to marry. Gold was the popular betrothal ring material in that century.
  • In 1477, the first diamond engagement ring appeared. Archduke Maximilian [Austria] proposed with a ring featuring narrow and long diamonds in “M” shape to Burgundy’s Mary.
  • In the 1700s, the trend of choosing a diamond ring for engagement increased amongst elite and royalty.
  • The Archduke was a trendsetter of making diamond rings a betrothal material but its popularity escalated after 1947 when a British Company called ‘De Beers’ mined diamonds from South Africa. An advertising campaign featuring Hollywood stars and slogans like ‘A diamond is forever’ increased the popularity of diamond engagement rings rapidly.

The importance of engagement rings

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It is the dream of every young female to display their finger with a glamorous diamond engagement ring. It even means the woman has accepted the proposal and is engaged to get married. The ring is worn on the left-hand ring finger. It is a formal agreement between a woman and man to get tied for life in a marriage.

Latest Millennial trend

Diamond is a forever option but women are opting for sapphires and rubies. Prince William proposed Kate Middleton with a spectacular blue sapphire ring. Ryan Reynolds offered Blake Lively a light pink oval-shaped diamond set in rose-gold material. Orlando Bloom gave Katy Perry an exclusive ruby in floral halo design.

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