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Surprising History of Engagement Rings and Latest Trend

Engagement rings history is quite surprising. People joke rings to be tiny cuffs. This was the truth in the past, it was a sign of ownership but the definition has changed —- today it represents love and commitment!

History of engagement rings

The importance of engagement rings

Young women adore diamond engagement rings. To buy a diamond engagement ring in Singapore visit Venus Tears. You will get GIA graded high-quality diamonds at affordable price. Give your would-be fiancée a diamond engagement ring and enjoy her smile!

It is the dream of every young female to display their finger with a glamorous diamond engagement ring. It even means the woman has accepted the proposal and is engaged to get married. The ring is worn on the left-hand ring finger. It is a formal agreement between a woman and man to get tied for life in a marriage.

Latest Millennial trend

Diamond is a forever option but women are opting for sapphires and rubies. Prince William proposed Kate Middleton with a spectacular blue sapphire ring. Ryan Reynolds offered Blake Lively a light pink oval-shaped diamond set in rose-gold material. Orlando Bloom gave Katy Perry an exclusive ruby in floral halo design.

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