Gennady Podolsky: Prioritizing Wellness For Healthy Travels

Experienced travel advisor Gennady Podolsky emphasizes the importance of travelers prioritizing health and wellness when planning trips to ensure a smooth, safe, and enjoyable journey. Whether taking a flight or road trip this holiday season, being proactive by packing wellness-focused items and taking preventative measures sets travelers up for success.

Podolsky recommends travelers consult with a doctor beforehand about vaccinations for their destination, allowing a month for immunity to build. Compression socks can prevent swelling and blood clots during long stints of stillness. He also advises resting well before departing and stretching during the trip to keep blood flowing. Staying hydrated with water instead of alcohol/caffeine prevents dehydration-related issues.

Dietitian Maddie Pasquariello suggests packing neck pillows, masks, and earplugs for flying; healthy protein-rich snacks like bars, nuts, and jerky; refillable water bottles; and resistance bands for movement. Ask doctors about supplementing probiotics or enzymes if crossing time zones to minimize digestive disruption. Workout clothes can pull double duty, but respect cultural dress norms.

On arrival, Podolsky advises caution when indulging in unfamiliar foods and drinks, even on tasting tours. Avoid uncooked produce and unpasteurized dairy. Drink sealed bottled water and beware of tap water-sourced ice. Get suggestions from locals on safer eateries. Those with dietary restrictions should contact restaurants in advance.

Despite the fear of missing out, schedule downtime to recharge. Use sleep tools like eye masks and apps to muffle noise for better hotel rest. Identify nearby healthcare facilities in case of illness or injury domestically. Clarify health insurance coverage and consider travel insurance for medical emergencies abroad.

Staying healthy on vacation starts with good hygiene and hand sanitizer when soap is unavailable after touching germ-prone surfaces. Get creative about exercise through guided tours, at hotels with gyms, or by walking stairs instead of elevators. Savvy travelers balance experiencing a local culture with caution by avoiding risky foods and overindulging in alcohol. Making intelligent choices sets the stage for an enjoyable, refreshing getaway.

The rewrite summarizes the essential wellness tips and recommendations from travel advisor Gennady Podolsky in the original article using unique phrasing while maintaining the same perspective, tone, and ideas. It covers preparation before and during trips, arriving at destinations, and precautions travelers can take to prioritize health.

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