Fitness experts believe that kettlebell swings are crucial when embarking on the journey to strengthen your back muscles, hamstrings, and glutes. Also, a majority of trained fitness coaches have emphasized the efficiency of this routine when developing core strength. 

Several studies indicate that you can successfully augment vital athletic skills like sprinting speed, and vertical jumps with kettlebell swings. The reason many fitness coaches include this routine in their strength training is because of the number of joints that are involved in kettlebell swing exercises. According to a fitness expert, the key to the efficiency of this routine lies in maintaining a great posture and technique. 

Below are five tips that will help you enhance your kettlebell swings:

  • DO NOT CONFUSE A SWING FOR A SQUAT: A common mistake when performing kettlebell swings is that people tend to do a lot of squatting in the process. This dampens the ability of the routine to effectively work on the hinges of your hips. Optimum hip extension and flexing are important in your kettlebell swing movement. This implies that your movement should have the barest impact on knee flexion. In simpler terms, ensure that you extend and bend through your hips instead of your knees. This movement is the distinguishing factor between the effects of a kettlebell swing and squatting.
  • KEEP THE CORRECT POSTURE: One of the most common mistakes that reduce the effect of any routine and increase injury risks is an incorrect posture. Doing this with kettlebell swings can cause injuries in your shoulder and lower and upper back joints. Incorrect kettlebell swing posture can usually be traced to rounding in the upper back. Hence, you will need a lot of practice to correct this, especially if you are already used to it or if your work demands that you use a computer daily. You can use a broomstick or a pipe to correct this posture. Simply place it behind your head through the center of your back while performing the routine. Check here to find an alternative way to enhance body strength.
  • MAINTAIN A SECURE AND MILD GRIP: This tip is for those that feel a big impact from the kettlebell swings in their hands. This is often a result of holding the kettlebell with too tight and strong a grip while lowering and lifting the bell. Avoid the urge to grip the kettlebell too hard and just allow your movements during your routine to flow naturally and with ease.
  • MAINTAIN A STRONG BUT NOT RIGID KNEE POSTURE: Locking your knees in this routine will only harm your knee joints. The reason for this is that you are creating stress movements on your ligaments, menisci, and cartilage in that area. All you need to fix this is to maintain a firm but flexible knee posture to ease the impact of the movements on your knees.
  • PLACE YOUR FEET FIRMLY ON THE GROUND: When performing kettlebell swings you should ensure that your feet are firmly placed on the ground. Avoid standing on your toes or heels as either posture will limit the power you can thrust into each swing.

Finally, we recommend that you avoid wearing shoes during this routine. This will help ensure you maintain the proper foot posture for the routine.

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