Baker’s Choice: How to Pick the Best Commercial Equipment

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Purchasing a new set of bakery equipment for a commercial bakery may seem like a challenge from the get-go. You want to make sure you get the right equipment that can support your needs and give you the bang for your buck.

If you’re about to open a new bakery business or putting up another store in a different location, here’s a list of bakery essentials. We’ve also added some tips to help you make an informed choice!

For Dough Preparation

Any delicious baked goods you’ve tasted started from a dough. And to make great bread or pastry, you need to mix your dough properly for it to have fine quality and texture. The dough can be mixed by hand on a baker’s table or in a dough mixer.

The kind of mixer you choose will depend on the type of baked goods you want to produce and the amount you want to make.

  1. Mixers
  • Planetary Mixers – These are the most common types of mixers used in bakeries. Their mixing arm mimics the mixing action performed by a baker’s hand. The mixing arm moves around the bowl as the bowl turns to ensure the dough is mixed thoroughly.
  • Spiral Mixers – Unlike planetary mixers, spiral mixers have a spiral mixing arm fixed to one position and a rotating bowl. These mixers are used in bakeries of different sizes.
  1. Dough Divider or Rounder

If you’re making rolls, buns, and small bread loaves, you’re going to need a dough divider or rounder. This equipment ensures consistency and uniformity in dividing the dough. You can choose from round, square, and octagonal dough dividers.

  1. Reversible Dough Sheeter

This multitasking equipment has a table that enables the passing of dough back and forth between 2 large rollers. You can also attach cutting equipment to it.

For Baking

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  1. Bakery Ovens

Your oven is your greatest investment if you’re putting up a bakery. So you need to take the time to carefully choose your ovens. Ensure that they can match your needs and baking demands.

  • Convection Ovens – These ovens have fans that circulate hot air all over the baking chamber. Convection ovens are often used to bake cakes, cookies, and pies in bakeries with lower amounts of production.
  • Revolving Tray Ovens – If you want a more versatile option that can accommodate different volumes, revolving tray ovens are right for you. They have shelves placed on a carousel. The carousel rotates in a horizontal direction. Revolving tray ovens also allow you to bake various types of baked goods at once.
  • Rotating Rack Ovens – For bakeries with higher production, these ovens are a sensible choice. Rotating rack ovens have 2 racks so you can bake multiple products (ideally bread and bagels) at the same time.
  • Bakery Proof Boxes – A proof box or proofing cabinet is useful if your baking involves rising dough. Proof boxes let you control the temperature and humidity.

For Display and Sanitation 

  • Bread Slicers – Selling sliced bread? Bread slicers are helpful in ensuring faster and more consistent cuts. There are other slicers designed for buns, bagels, and French bread.
  • Display Cases – If you’re looking at having a retail component, you may need display cases. There are refrigerated and non-refrigerated styles you can choose from, depending on the goods you are selling.
  • Air Shower – Your kitchen should be free from contamination. Having an air shower equipped with a HEPA air filter, Toronto bakery can step up its game in food safety. This cutting-edge air filter can help remove dust, lint, and other contaminants to preserve the integrity of your food. These can be upgraded with Goyen or non-Goyen valves and parts (like Asco, Taeha, and Turbo) for the best results.

Your bakery equipment is the bread and butter of your operations. Choose equipment that matches the volume of products you make daily. It’s also important to get the equipment that lasts long and grows with your business.

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