5 Most Essential Questions to Ask Before Renting Self Storage Unit

Storage units are an excellent way to store your things and ensure safety. When you decide that the storage unit will be your ideal solution for your space management problems, you need to ensure you get a good storage facility. It’s essential to research and compare different storage facilities to ensure you get good deals that will help you save some money. To know the services of the various storage facilities, you need to come up with a bunch of questions that you should ask the management and staff of the facilities. This article will explore the essential questions you need to ask before renting a self-storage unit.

How often can I access my storage unit?

It’s crucial to know the official time that you can access the facility. Most facilities will have gate hours scheduled from 6.00 am to 10.00 pm. A storage facility with scheduled times is crucial as that’s a sign of a positive approach to security. Suppose you want to access your storage unit and need to communicate with the management of the facilities. This ensures no unauthorized personal access to your facility at other times.

Have you had cases of theft, fire outbreak, or water damage?

Knowing the history of the storage units gives you a clear view of what to expect. It’s essential to ask them if they have experienced cases of theft, fire outbreak, or water damage. If they have, they should explain what happened and the measures they have put in place to ensure such an occurrence doesn’t happen again. Some measures include having smoke alarms, fencing, and installing security grilles. Additionally, they should have a sound drainage system and computer access locks. If they have taken such measures, it’s a good sign that they are competent and your things can be safe.

What security measures do you have to ensure your storage units are secure?

The security of the storage facility you choose matters a lot. You don’t want to be stressed thinking your possessions will be stolen. Asking them about the security measures in place helps to assure you that your items are secured. An exemplary storage facility will have CCTV and patrolling guards securing the area. They will also ask you to buy a personalized, high-quality lock to secure your self-storage unit. Additionally, they should have live-in management to help limit other customers’ access to the storage units.

Is there a limitation of things I can store?

Any facility has a regulation that helps govern and ensure your product’s security level. It’s crucial to consult about the items you can store and those you can’t. Some of these things may lead to increased rates and conditions. You can check on their website to see if they have listed the items that can be stored or ask the storage facility management to avoid complications after renting the space.

What is the size of the units available?

Different storage facilities offer various sizes of other types. It’s essential to inquire about the size of the facilities to know if the items you want to store will fit the space or if you need additional space.

Wrapping Up:

The above are crucial questions you need to ask storage facilities before renting. Questioning the security levels and measures put in place helps give you a clear view of how safe your items will be. So, choose a storage facility depending on how they answer the above questions.

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