8 Mistakes To Avoid During NTPC Preparation

The RRB NTPC conducted by the Railway Recruitment Board is the most competitive exam in the country. NTPC exam provides a golden chance to candidates who aspire to work in the government sector and earn handsome salaries with other perks and benefits.

The Railway NTPC exam witnesses a whopping number in application each year. To ace the exam and be among the top scorers you need to be confident and well prepared.

Kick start  your preparation as the exam for NTPC is just around the corner. RRB has released the exam dates of Non-Technical and Popular category exam. Check the detailed RRB NTPC exam date on the given link.

For an effective preparation of NTPC exam you need to avoid some of the common mistakes that most candidates make. The mistakes that candidates make can be due to various reasons like lack of proper strategy, lack of motivation, no mentor support, etc. Hence, we bring you the top mistakes that aspirants make while preparing for NTPC exam.

Common mistakes to avoid while preparing for NTPC exam

  1. Not sticking to the syllabus – most important part of any exam is its syllabus. It is a roadmap to the preparation, hence being thorough with the syllabus is important. Though the syllabus of NTPC is vast but it does not encompass everything under the sun. There is a boundary line to your preparation because of the syllabus. So, sticking to the syllabus helps a lot in saving time and being well prepared for the exam.
  2. Not strategizing a preparation plan – Candidates often start preparing for the exam in haste, thus, preparing without a proper plan in a disorganised manner. This kills the time, baffles you and reduces the effectiveness. Therefore, for an effective preparation it is important to understand the syllabus, divide and subdivide the topic, strategize a study schedule covering all the topics and stick to the schedule.
  3. Skipping the topics or sections – most of the candidates often skip covering the basics and directly start going through difficult sections or solving tricky questions. Sometimes candidates even skip topics from syllabus especially mathematics and solve questions only from the topics they are good at. Candidates should know that conceptual clarity is important, when the basics are strong it won’t be much difficult to solve tricky questions.
  4. Referring to too many study materials for one topic- the saying ‘too many cooks spoil the broth’ stands true here. Preparing one topic or section from too many sources will create a hodge-podge in mind thus affecting the preparation. It’s true that the syllabus of the NTPC exam is vast but that does not mean you have to go through too many books and materials for preparation. Pick out one or two best sources for each topic and prepare those well, that will suffice.
  5. Ignoring mock test practice – NTPC is a highly competitive exam and candidates are required to score the minimum cut off marks. As per the pattern, negative marking is involved in this exam. Therefore it is essential to learn the art of bypassing the negative marking by intelligent guesswork, good speed and accuracy. For all these regular practice is needed for which Mock tests are best. It will help you know the level of preparation and strategize further accordingly.
  6. Ignoring preparation of General Awareness Section- candidates often ignore the preparation of current affairs/general awareness. They either procrastinate its preparation, or do not prepare adequately or cover them from wrong sources. Candidates should know that General awareness is the most scoring and time saving section of NTPC exam with minimum efforts involved.
  7. Avoiding regular revision – Often candidates complete a particular topic and move on to the other topics without revising and checking whether the concepts are retained. Some candidates even skip revision completely, till the exam eve. Since the syllabus is comprehensive, there are high chances to forget what was studied in the beginning. The only way to remember everything is to make short notes and revise them regularly.
  8. Losing Confidence – preparation for any competitive exam is a long drawn process and this is where candidates lose hope and give in to the pressures of all kinds. At this point, candidates need to be positive. They should have clarity of their goal and should rely on themselves.

Avoid these common mistakes to outperform the competitors in RRB NTPC. Effective preparation strategy, increased confidence level and good exam taking strategy can make or break your success in Railway NTPC exam.

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