4 Things to Know About Aquaman

Aquaman is one of the Justice League superheroes who doesn’t always get the credit deserved. He’s not simply a sea creature with special gifts when it comes to the underworld of watered-down bad guys. He’s the king of Atlantis that is frequently misunderstood by the general public watching the Justice League in action.

Justice League fans don’t see it that way, which is why the first film of Aquaman grossed over $1.1 billion, and was the highest-grossing DC film for WB. This year DC celebrates the 80th anniversary of Aquaman, just two years ahead of the next Aquaman movie, Aquaman 2. Here’s how Aquaman is being celebrated this year, plus a few more things that will help you to get to know this sea creature better.

Aquaman Turns 80

The DC superhero Aquaman will celebrate its 80th anniversary this year with a 100-page special that will commemorate the November 1941 release of the first Aquaman comic. This will be an anthology that will showcase the legacy of Aquaman, and how he’s not just a guy with a gift of talking to fish.

The 80th anniversary special will showcase eight different comic covers from the past 8 decades. From 1940 to 2020, the story of Aquaman will be revealed. Among the creators of this special are Geoff Johns, Chief Creative Officer of DC Comics since 2010. Geoff Johns also has his writing chops in the Green Lantern Corps, a component of the DC Extended Universe. Geoff Johns has also served as executive producer on Batman v. Superman.

King of the Sea of Atlantis

Among the many things about Aquaman that are largely underrated is the kingdom that he reigns. He is the king of the sea in the world of Atlantis, which is no small state. Atlantis jumps leaps ahead of countries the size of Russia or the United States.

The entire land of Atlantis covers 362 million kilometers and is home to seven seas and five oceans. It is considered the largest state in the DC galaxy of homelands.

Aquaman Has Telepathy

Justice League fans can spend some time telling you what the superpowers of Aquaman are. He’s not just a sea creature that made it to the 80th anniversary because he’s cool. He has gifts that are timeless and help him keep the evils of the sea in check.

To do so, he’s been gifted with telepathy in almost all of his senses. He has super sonar sight and hearing and can talk to the fish in their language. His enhanced senses even enable him to hear the heartbeats of human mortals on sea vessels far away. That’s how he wins.

Aquaman Controls Weather

This is not a superhero with a one-stop superpower. When it comes to the sea world, Aquaman dominates. He can also control the weather in the sea to confuse and debilitate his enemies.

It’s a power much like the Avenger Thor’s, but not as intense. Aquaman has the ability to make oceanic tidal waves if he needs to blind or delay a predator.

Celebrate Aquaman

As Aquaman celebrates his eightieth anniversary, fans can enjoy his 80th-anniversary special. They can also wait for the Aquaman 2 movie set for release in December 2020. That will be starring Jason Momoa as Arthur Curry and Aquaman. Nicole Kidman is rumored to be making a comeback as the Queen Atlanna of Atlantis.

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