5 Ways to Pamper Yourself Like a Beauty Blogger

If you know a thing or two about pampering, you’ll agree there’s more than one way to go about it. However, no one practices self-care as perfectly as a beauty guru. They’ve certainly cracked the code in this aspect of wellbeing. If you’ve stumbled across a beauty guru’s Instagram or Youtube channel, you probably assumed that what they do pretty much unattainable. Well, with these nifty tips, you can pamper yourself like a beauty blogger without overextending.

1. Make time for a spa day.

For many, a spa day is a luxury that people simply don’t always have time for. Whenever you do get a chance to indulge, you’ll be surprised at how worthwhile the whole experience actually is. However, it’s important now and again to take a load off and visit an esthetician. Take a full day out of your busy schedule to do the whole shebang — manicures, sauna, and even a good old moisture, hydration, or vitamin C facial.

Spa treatments are rejuvenating and come packed with antioxidants and other active ingredients that fight against various skin impurities such as free radicals, acne, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, skin irritation, rosacea, large pores, fine lines, and more. You’ll certainly be able to find a facial massage for all your skin concerns.

It’s understandable if you also want to ensure your money is well spent, especially when indulging in more than one treatment. It’s important to do your research first and find spas similar to Endota Spa that not only offer a full spa day package but they also go above and beyond with their organic treatments. From exfoliation and hydrafacials to peel treatments and even light therapy, it’s a reward you just can’t miss out on. Even better, they tailor their facial treatments to suit different skin types — so that even sensitive skin types are taken care of.

2. Get a makeover – you’re worth it.

Some people wait for special occasions before glamming up. Even worse, others hardly ever indulge in themselves and glam up at all. If you want to pamper yourself like a beauty blogger, you’ll have to maintain a beauty routine every week, because you’re certainly worth the cost. More so, we advise you to go the whole nine yards and top it off with some mink lashes.

You’ll find that companies such as Glamnetic offer some of the best faux mink lashes. Their eyelash extensions come in different lengths, colors, and thicknesses for a natural finish. To top things off, they mimic your natural lash and don’t require the use of glue – excellent! More so, they’ll last for a long time until removed, unlike glue lashes.

3. Pay attention to your nails.

When we’re busy and overwhelmed, your nails may take a hit. Regardless of whether you wear your nails, long, short, with acrylics, or if you prefer to go au naturel, taking care of them will make you feel a lot more put together and fresh. When it comes to mani-pedis, it’s not all about the aesthetics of your nails but instead, it’s about their all-around health. No one wants to deal with nail fungus and other ailments. So, try to get those nails taken care of as often as possible.

4. Detox as much as you can.

We ingest so much into our bodies daily, it’s a wonder how some people get by without a good detox. Don’t roll the dice on this one, some people are lucky while others aren’t. However, there are some really fantastic detox recipes out there, and some of them actually taste good! You’ll feel light, rejuvenated, and ready to take on the world like the gem you are.

5. Get a weekly massage.

A massage is one of the most relaxing treatments on the face of the earth, hands down! So, it’s only apt that it’s the crowning jewel of our list. There are so many benefits associated with getting massages, although it feels great for the most part. Of course, it takes some time to loosen up those knots and unwind, after all, that’s how the beauty bloggers do it!

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