What to Look for in Trusted Business Lawyers

If you’re looking for trusted business lawyers but you’re not sure what criteria to judge them by, this article is here to help. Business lawyers are a fundamental part of the growth of your business, protecting you from risk and pre-emptively dealing with legal issues before they become a huge problem. They can also help with creating contracts to ensure smooth business sailing. All in all, business lawyers are an important and vital investment for any company. Without further ado, here are three top qualities you should look for in trusted business lawyers.


When you’re looking for business lawyers you can depend on, you need to ask them about their level of experience. You don’t want business lawyers who are new at their trade. Try to find a firmthat has been working in the area for at least ten years. You may also wish to ask your business lawyers if they have a team who will be working on your case that includes less experienced lawyers, or if all the work will be done by a senior lawyer. Such specifics may attract a lower or higher fee. You might also want to ask about what kind of cases of business law they’ve worked on most commonly. Business law involves a wide range of areas, so it would be useful if your issue relating to business law is one that they’ve worked on repeatedly with past clients. Conversely, if you want more general advice, you should look for generalist business lawyers who can handle anything you might need help with relating to your business.

Good Communication

Good communication is a necessity when it comes to what you need from business lawyers. Law is an area that can move very quickly in terms of the implications for your business. This means it’s important to look forbusiness lawyers who are responsive and will get back to your promptly when you contract them. When you’re choosing business lawyers, ask them if they have a policy on how long their responses take. Some business lawyers may have a 24hour communications policy. The last thing you need is a lawyer who takes too long to get back to you, causing you undue stress and frustration.

Reasonable Prices

When it comes to prices, you need to be fearless in asking business lawyers what their fees are. There’s no space for being meek and mild, or sweeping the conversation under a rug. Business lawyers can charge in one of two ways: by the hour, or by the case. Billing by the hour can get expensive very quickly, even after just a few quick phone conversations. Make sure you ask how long your case will take to resolve so you can have an idea of the expected bill. If you negotiate a fixed rate, ensure you ask if there will be any extra fees along the way for the lodgement of paperwork or other additions. You may also wish to enquire as to whether there’s a sliding scale of fees for start-ups if your business is early in its growth stage. 

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