How to Make a Strong Impression at Your College Reunion

Going back to visit your old college pals is such an exciting time. It’s probably been a while since you were all in the same place at the same time. The hope is you’ll be able to pick up right where you left off, just with a few years of maturity behind you. Whether you’re meeting at a scheduled event at your alma mater or just carving out some time on your own to meet up in a centralized city, you’re going to want to look your best. Of course, your friends are still going to love you for who you are and how you’ve grown, but who doesn’t want to put their best foot forward after all of these years? Here’s how you can make a strong, positive impression at your college reunion.

Pack a punch with your style.

Long gone are the days of groggily going to class in your pajamas and favorite t-shirt. A great way to show your personal growth is through your clothing choices. You don’t need to be a flashy fashionista to make a great impression. Go with something simple, clean, comfortable, and stylish. Find something that flatters your body type. Ladies, if you’re not comfortable in a dress, there’s nothing wrong with that. Wear an outfit that makes you feel confident. Ditch the dress and shop for blouses for women with a matching pair of slacks or nice jeans. From there, just pair it with a pop of color from your shoes or maybe your jewelry. Your look will be both classic and fashion-forward. Nothing says success like a well-curated outfit from head to toe.

Have a conversation starter.

If you’re in a committed relationship and the two of you have already been talking about getting engaged, before your reunion is as good a time as any. It will certainly give you something to discuss with all of your old college friends. Dazzle your group by shopping for elegant lab-created engagement rings.

There’s no physical difference between lab-created diamonds and earth mined diamonds. Even highly trained diamond professionals are unable to tell the difference without specialized equipment. The big difference between the two is price and ethics, which go hand-in-hand. Although some earth-mined diamonds are ethically sourced, not all of them are.

With a lab-created diamond, you know exactly where it’s coming from and just how little impact it’s had on the Earth and humanity. Not to mention, you can get a stunning diamond that’s superior in cut, clarity, color, and carat—over its earth-mined counterpart—for less money, because you aren’t paying for the cost of labor and “middlemen.” Find a beautiful ring that will be a conversation starter at any gathering you attend.

Refine your tastes.

It’s easy to say that there will most likely be imbibing at your reunion. Having a few specific facts in your pocket about wines, bourbon, and cocktails can make you seem quite knowledgeable. Having a strong sense of your taste in alcohol exudes a level of self-knowing that—if you used properly and sparingly—can make you seem wise, but still unpretentious. If alcohol isn’t really your thing, use the same strategy on foods. The culinary world is sophisticated and eating at fine dining establishments may be impressive to your friends. Even if you just learned your knowledge from Gordon Ramsay’s MasterClass, you can still flex a little, since you did your research.

Above all, the best way to make an impression at your college reunion is to genuinely have a good time. Being personable and real will get you a long way. The clothes, the jewelry, and the knowledge are all just meant to complement your winning personality.

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