An overview of ceiling fans

Imagine sleeping cosily while saving electricity! Sounds interesting, right? The appliance that can do this is a ceiling fan. When you think about updating your room or settling in a new home, we often overlook ceiling fans. They are an essential electrical appliance in any space. You can easily make your room livelier by changing the dull old fan or installing new designer fans.

When we look for a fan that is perfect for our interior, it is a bit challenging. In this post, we are going to talk about some points which are vital and need to keep in mind about ceiling fans. Interested? Let’s read more!


Ceiling fans are available at an affordable price and practical to install. The hassle of adding extra wires and appliances like in air conditioners are not required in fans. The bill on electricity per year is significantly less than what the air conditioner bears. Fans are very cheap to use, and if they have energy star stamp then as stated are 40% more energy efficient than others.


A classic design fan had been around for more than a century, and every year new features are launched with their unique designs. However, classic fans are constantly acquiring a place in the market. Some fans even handcrafted from a trusted company that is established for many years. Some fans have a unique blend of modern and traditional style with hand-finished, making your room look extraordinary.


Always look for a professional to install your fan. Nowadays, modern decors have lightweight ceiling fans and, therefore, should securely be attached to the roof. For example, if a worker is not experienced, while installing, the fan can damage the roof or vice versa, of course, you don’t want that!

Features you should look for

There are many features you need to look at before deciding on a standard fan for your space.

Flush mount fans- These are known as low-profile fans. Their characteristics include small blades, small motor casing and are installed close to the ceiling. Rooms which are small or have narrow spaces are ideal for these fans.

Fans with light kit- Rooms like the bedroom or living space, a fan with double-duty capability as both air circulatory and have a light source. They offer a lighting ambience in the area and sometimes adjust the light for study purposes or dinner.

Downrod feature – This feature is ideal for rooms that have a higher ceiling. The fan has to be around 8 to 9 feet above the ground for best effect. While installing, fans are lowered slightly, and a rod is attached to the fan known as a downrod. This helps to support the fan since the distance between the fan and the ceiling are long.

Some special fans

Sometimes unique decor needs unique fans, which will revamp the entire space giving a new perspective.

Dual – motor fans

These types of fans allow dual air flow as the position of the fans is in more than one direction. These fans have central installation just like any standard fan has. A fan like these is primarily decorative in function.

Closing thought

I hope this article served you with what you are looking for. To know more or if you’re planning to buy fans online, you have come to the right place! Fanscity offers the best of best!

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