Tips for Launching Your Own Home Decor and Furniture Line

Perhaps it’s the upcoming move to a new home in a new city. Maybe it’s saying goodbye to trusty loyal couches, dressers, and tables that have grown rusty over the years. It can even be as simple as catching an artistic spirit, flipping through home magazines, and reimagining your own personal space. Whatever the case may be, the market is showing that the furniture industry is growing tremendously due to increasing customer demands.

If you’re ready to launch your own home decor and furniture line, here are a few tips.

First Comes Inspiration, Then Comes Aspiration

Before you start to meet with your respective designers and carpenters, you need to explore a creative expression. What style do you envision for your line? How do you want it to attract audiences? Are there any particular looks you’re dreaming of? If you don’t have the answer to any of those questions, that’s okay! All great ideas (and businesses!) come from a source of inspiration. Before you sit down to make a blueprint, take the time to find brands and companies that you admire.

A good place to start your search is Groms, a luxury furniture and home decor company. Groms is passionate about curating perfect pieces to match with your personal style in your home. Not only does this company offer interesting furniture, but it certainly has its own unique source of inspiration. The word grom (short for grommet) is actually slang for a “young surfer.” While Groms doesn’t necessarily have surf culture-inspired decor, it is based in Miami, a city that may appeal to a surfer. Nonetheless, Groms took this small source of inspiration and pushed forward with their line; you’d be surprised where you’d find your own inspiration!

Ready, Set, Market!

After you’ve set the tone for your upcoming line, it’s time to dig a little deeper into your creative bag: marketing! Advertising and promoting your new brand is a fun (and efficient!) way to build your audience and boost your sales.

Here are a few major tips for marketing:

  • Build an impressive website. This single platform has several purposes: feature designs and products, provide information, support content, and offer helpful tools such as a live chat and contact center to enrich customer experience. In an age of digital channels, your website may be where the customer journey starts for many consumers.
  • Be active on social media. These mobile apps are perfect for posting quick information and engaging in customer interactions. It’s likely that your next customer will first discover your business via a mobile device.
  • Attend a trade show. Not only will you be able to showcase your furniture, but this is a great way to meet new customers in person. You may also make some connections for future collaborations and sponsorships.

Customer Service: The Real MVP

Behind every successful business is a team that embodies excellent customer service. Between maintaining customer satisfaction, collecting customer data, establishing healthy customer engagement, and relaying the customer experience back to the office, it’s essential that you have the proper resources and staff to ensure achievement within your company.

A business that is necessary for creating a good customer experience is Bright Pattern. Bright Pattern is an enterprise level call center software provider that offers omnichannel solutions for the communication channel between your agency and your clients. Using the omnichannel approach, the omnichannel contact center allows for easier communication via mobile apps, a live chat, social media, artificial intelligence, and several other options. Contact centers today can learn a lot from the omnichannel customer experience; Bright Pattern would serve as a beneficial investment for your furniture business’s call center. A great phone call can turn into an even better business!

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