How To Pick The Right Office Furniture

Whenever we talk of furniture, it is images of plush homes that first race through our minds. But other places are brought to life when we incorporate appropriate pieces of furniture. Offices are one such place.

A common misconception is that office furniture should only cater to functionality. But it is possible to have furniture that adds style, personality, elegance, and comfort too. Office furniture has the potential to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your business which creates an excellent first impression to clients and prospects.

However, easy as it may seem. It takes more than ordering the latest Danish furniture from your favorite store. An office may comprise multiple rooms, each serving a particular purpose. Moreover, the type of business you run also has a significant impact on the furniture you buy. For instance, a dentist’s private practice will have a larger waiting bay which means one needs more chairs and coffee tables for the waiting bay. Office furniture serves numerous purposes, including:

  • Improving aesthetic appeal
  • Enhancing productivity
  • Promoting employee wellness
  • Emphasizing employee interactions
  • Increasing safety
  • Building-up company brand credibility

Where To Place Furniture In The Office

  • Reception area

The reception desk is usually the initial point of contact between your business and clients or prospects. Therefore, opt for a desk of the proper style and size to make visitors feel welcome and give your business an attractive and professional appearance. The waiting lounge should appeal to visitors. The chairs must be comfy and made from durable material.

  • Conference room

A conference room must have a table and enough chairs as it is where you hold meetings. The room’s dimensions determine the size, design, and type of table you pick. Trendy shapes like semicircles break up the monotony of the traditional rectangular table and introduce an element of personality. Chairs should be comfortable enough to accommodate long hours of meetings. Conference room furniture helps create a good impression on your clients.

  • Employee workspace

The typical employee furniture is a desk and chair. However, depending on your business’s scope, you may require to install several functional furniture pieces. Most office workers are seated for extended hours staring at computer screens. Thus, invest in chairs with an ergonomic design and are made from a material that promotes staff’s posture and overall comfort.

  • Staff break room

If your office has a break room, staff will appreciate a round pouf, and a couple of ottomans will function as lightweight, casual seating. This room should serve as a haven where employees can escape the office’s pressure for a couple of minutes. Try to make it as relaxing as possible. It should promote productivity, not derail workers from their assignments and tasks.

Last Word

Offices are spaces of creativity and productivity. The interior decor should reflect the activity of the company and contribute to employees’ productivity. Focus on sustainability, ergonomics, and design to enhance the style and functionality of the office with a few pieces of furniture.

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