4 Places You Have to See When You Visit Switzerland

Switzerland is a lovely country and home to some of the most picturesque attractions in the entire world. Whether you are interested in seeing beautifully quaint villages or majestically impressive mountains, Switzerland is the place to be. Here are four Swiss attractions you should check out if you’re planning a vacation in Switzerland.

The Matterhorn

The Matterhorn is one of the most famous mountains in the entire world, and with good reason. Its distinctive shape is just begging to be photographed, and while hiking to the top of its nearly-15,000 foot peak may be more than you can manage in a weeklong trip, the mountain includes the highest cable car station in the alps to provide for unbeatable snowboarding and skiing opportunities.

The Swiss National Park

If you want to see the natural beauty of the Alps in all their untouched glory then you have to take a visit to Schweizerishcher Nationalpark. Covering more than 66 square miles, the park features stunning waterfalls, green forests and white glaciers. With many different hiking paths through the park to choose from there’s a beautiful walk for hikers of all ages and skill levels to explore the park and experience the beauty of nature.


When you combine the beauty of a Swiss mountain range with the tranquility of a stunning lake and the warm and quaint feeling of an Italian village, you get Lugano, Switzerland. Located in the south of Switzerland near Italy, it is set on Lake Lugano which provides a stunning accent to the region’s mountains. There is plenty to do within the town, and no shortage of gorgeous picture opportunities when you visit one of the most beautiful towns you’ll ever find.


Just because you’re not a skier or snowboarder doesn’t mean you can’t still take advantage of the beautiful Swiss Alps region around the Matterhorn. In addition to hiking in the hills around the town, you can also take in the sites around Zermatt, including taking a tour through the Matterhorn museum or visiting the local shops.

The Swiss Alps are famous around the world for one very good reason — they are absolutely stunning to behold. If you’re looking to plan your next family vacation then a trip to the Swiss Alps should be near the top of any list. You can plan your own vacation or get in touch with travel-experience professionals who can provide you with an all-inclusive vacation that’s sure to hit all the best spots in Switzerland. Whichever planning style you choose, you should strongly consider choosing Switzerland

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