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What are the Rights of an Injured Passenger in Philadelphia Car Accident?

The accident victims know a lot more today than they did a couple of decades back. They know the right way to collect the evidences, the right time to call the police and the right time to notify their insurers and attorneys. But what most of them do not know is that the injured passengers are also rightfully eligible to claim compensation like that of an injured driver. For the people who know these rules the best, they can contact the Philadelphia, PA personal injury attorneys and get their hands on the best settlement results.

What are the rights as a passenger?

According to the legal rights, the passengers are to be paid equally as the drivers for the injuries they have suffered. The responsible attorney office is going to help you file a legitimate lawsuit against the driver’s insurance company if they refuse to pay.

Who caused the accident?

There are several scenarios under which you can be eligible for the compensation:

While these are normally the cases which make you eligible to file a personal injury lawsuit, you also need an able attorney to back you in every step. This makes the process easier for you and helps you get what you deserve. 

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