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The Best Defense Against Porch Piracy: It’s Not what You Think

Every day in the U.S., packages go missing from front porches and stoops. They go missing thanks to the efforts of aggressive porch pirates who brazenly approach in the full light of day, swiping packages and retreating before anyone notices. Can they be stopped? Absolutely. Homeowners need only employ the best defense against porch piracy.

What is the best defense? It is probably not what you think. The best defense is not a package safe, a video doorbell, or even giving delivery companies access to your home. Rather, it is a multi-faceted approach that takes advantage of as many opportunities as possible to shore up security weaknesses.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

In an article discussing the best doorbell cameras on the market, Vivint cited statistics revealing that 1.7 million packages are stolen from homes every single day. One of Vivint’s suggested solutions is the video doorbell.

Unfortunately, far too many people look at the video doorbell as the only tool one needs to prevent porch piracy. The video doorbell is presented as a one-size-fits-all solution to a problem that only seems to be getting worse. But the truth is that one size doesn’t fit all.

Video doorbells were extremely effective when they were first introduced for the simple fact that porch pirates were not familiar with them. But many years have passed since the first video doorbell made it to market. Porch pirates and burglars are wise to them now. They have worked out ways to get around them.

Does this mean that the video doorbell is now useless? Absolutely not. It is still a valuable tool in the fight against property crime. But homeowners should not trust their video doorbells as the only home security device they need. A video doorbell is just one component in a much broader strategy.

Make It as Difficult as Possible

Companies that merely sell home security devices are not necessarily experts in deterring crime. Speak to a real expert and they will tell you that the key to preventing crime is making it as difficult as possible to commit. To better understand this principal, just think about the name we assign to porch pirates.

These particular criminals perpetrate porch piracy because it is so easy to pull off. A thief doesn’t need any special tools. They do notneed any sophisticated tools. They only need a willingness to operate in broad daylight and the ability to move fairly quickly. That’s at.

Attack from Every Angle

Stopping porch piracy is a matter of attacking the pirates from every angle. So perhaps you might start with a video doorbell. Just be aware that porch pirates have learned to conceal their faces. You could get around that by communicating with a delivery driver, through the video doorbell, as he approaches. Let him know that you are remotely unlocking the door so he can step in and place the package inside. Then you lock the door as he leaves.

You could also arrange for a neighbor to come pick up your packages the minute they are dropped off. You could give delivery drivers access to your garage. You could install a package safe as yet another line of defense.

The big take-away here is that preventing any type of crime is about putting up as many roadblocks as you can. Make it as difficult as possible for criminals to do what they do. Rather than just relying on a video doorbell alone, employ every other tool at your disposal. That is the best defense against porch piracy, burglary, etc.

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