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How to Retrieve Unsaved or Deleted MS Office Documents?

Closing word files accidentally or due to the crashing of the system can result in the disappearance of the document. However, there are instances where we work on something important and forget to save it. No matter your work gets accidentally lost or it is done due to the mistake of system inn , things can become frustrating in every sense. If you are dealing with the same problem and want to access the unsaved documents, then this post is all you need to read.

We will present a simple guide about which the query of how to recover unsaved Microsoft Word documents in detail. Check out the complete post, and our team is pretty assured that you will get the right answer about setup a office in microsoft .

Method One- Recovering using temporary files

If you want to recover files using the simplest method, then this one is the technique to use. Following the steps mentioned below to recover word file using this method:

Method Two- Document Recovery

The next most suitable method we suggest the readers try is the document recovery option. It is the right one to choose if the system crashes instantly and the Word document isn’t saved. Follow the steps mentioned below:

Method Three- AutoRecover Files

The next way to get back your lost files is the AutoRecover option. Just follow the steps mentioned below:


There are lots of ways you can recover the unsaved files in Microsoft Word. However, we have mentioned the major ones that can work efficiently and conveniently. You have a bright to access back the documents that you forget to save before the system crashes.

Try out each one and tell us which one works for you. It will be very beneficial for fellow readers to understand the process in a better way. If you feel a problem following any of the things mentioned in the post, write to us in the comment section.

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