Hiring An SEO Company For Your Brand? Follow These Dos And Don’ts!

Outsourcing the online marketing needs of your brand is never an easy decision. A marketing campaign usually starts with SEO, and brands that cannot afford paid marketing right away often rely heavily on search engine optimization. If you want to hire the top SEO company in Singapore for your brand, we recommend that you check the dos and don’ts listed below.

The dos

  • Review the portfolio. You need to know what an SEO agency is capable of, and for that, checking their clientele and recent work is critical.
  • Ask for references. To know their clients better, ask for references and call a few to know more about the company’s work process.
  • Get an estimate. SEO is scalable, so you can expect to get an all-inclusive estimate with a detailed proposal.
  • Discuss their strategy. Is the company willing to discuss their approach to SEO? Make sure they are adhering to the best webmaster practices recommended by search engines.
  • Check their website. If an SEO company cannot really manage to promote their own website, you have reasons to doubt their expertise.

The don’ts

  • Don’t select the cheapest service. Just because an SEO agency seem cheap doesn’t mean they are the best in business. In fact, competitive pricing is worth paying for.
  • Don’t believe everything. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Don’t believe everything that SEO companies claim, unless you have reviewed their profile.
  • Don’t rush. SEO agencies and clients often work together for years, because SEO is not a onetime thing. Make sure that you don’t hire an agency in a rush.

Things to note

Reviews are important for reviewing SEO companies. Check independently on Google to know if businesses have rated a company well. The work process is also important. Find an agency that will offer reports at least once every month, so that you can track the growth of your brand in real numbers. SEO reports are critical for reviewing strategies too.

If the agency can also handle paid marketing and social media, it would be an advantage for creating a comprehensive marketing campaign.

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