Dos and Don’ts for Maximum Android Performance

Everyone wants a fast-performing phone. It doesn’t matter if you use it mainly for work, to keep in touch with your loved ones, or as your main form of pastime and recreation. Whether you own a brand-new Android phone or have been rocking the same one for a few years now, it doesn’t matter. As long as your mobile is in good shape and still fast and reliable, you can still enjoy its service.

When your phone gets damaged, you often have two choices. You will either find a professional who specializes in Android repair or buy a new phone in Salt Lake City instead. Thankfully, there are things that you can do to make your phone work more efficiently. Here are five dos and don’ts that can help you boost your Android’s performance.

Consider removing bloatware

Bloatware is software that your manufacturer preinstalled in your device. While some can be useful, you may find some of these apps unnecessary. To help improve your Android phone’s performance, consider removing this bloatware. You get to save storage space and even avoid these apps from draining your battery. You can delete these preinstalled apps through the Google Play Store, through the settings app, or by rooting your Android phone.

Don’t skip the updates

New versions are made available for your phone’s operating system every once in a while. Some updates help fix bugs, while some can help make your phone run more smoothly and more efficiently. Make sure to check for updates on the settings app. It would also be a good idea to check the reviews of the new updates first before installing them.

Clean up your home screen

You may find it easy to organize your phone’s icons on your home screen. However, cluttering your home screen can also affect how fast your phone can run. Make sure to remove apps that you don’t often use and need. Retain only widgets that you find extremely useful. If you have applications you no longer use, it will be best to delete them anyway.

Don’t settle for a low or empty battery

Nothing can annoy you as much as having a low or empty battery. Some resort to bringing a portable charger wherever they go. But there are simple thing that you can do to help extend your battery’s life. For instance, closing all apps you no longer use is one option. You can also try turning off your Bluetooth, data, and W-Fi when you don’t need to use them yet. Lastly, when you have only little battery life left, turning on the power-saving mode can be your lifesaver.

Add more storage space

Some of us can’t help saving as many files as we can. When your phone’s memory is full, it will run considerably slower. You have three choices when solving your storage space dilemma. For one, you can always get yourself a micro SD card so that you can move your videos, photos, files, and apps to free up some space. You can also choose to transfer your data to cloud storage. You get to access your files anytime, anywhere, and you can be sure that these are kept safe and secure. Lastly, you can choose to delete some files to make room for the others.

These are the five dos and don’ts that can help you maximize your Android phone’s performance. By clearing up some space and updating your phone regularly, you get to enjoy a faster and more efficient phone. When it comes to improving storage space, you get to choose between deleting some files, finding reliable cloud storage, and buying a micro SD card. As for your battery, you know a few tips and tricks to extend its life.

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