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Backup 101: Lock Your Files during the Lockdown

Most people who work enjoy the benefit of having two different systems for work and personal use. It’s ideal this way, as it creates a barrier between what you do for work and everything else. It makes even more sense when you think about it on the security side because those two separate systems keep your files in different environments. Lose one, but you don’t lose the other, and that’s priceless.

But this barrier is gone for the foreseeable future as most people stay at home to work, study and socialize. More often than not, they do it on one laptop and one phone. It’s harmless, and many see the benefits and convenience of meshing your work and personal files. It’s easy, right? But again, you have to take a look at the state of things from security’s side. In this setup, you lose one and the other in the event of a digital catastrophe. Nobody thinks it will happen to them until it does. It’s insane how hacking events increased tenfold, not in occurrences but severity. The minute you think your files are safe is when they are at their most vulnerable.

Backing Up Your Back Up

Cloud storage services have been a savior during the lockdown. Everybody liked it before because it took the load off your computer to carry all your files. Now, everybody loves it because it’s a great safeguard against a digital failure. But something has to be said about hard-drive backup software from smaller companies and better customer service. Google, Apple, and more provide a convenient, if not distant, backup services. They work well until you have to talk to someone, and the chances are that you won’t talk to anybody if you need further support. There’s nothing worse in case of a backup emergency.

You might be asking if you even really need to back up your backup. You’re not a government agency that’s being attacked or baiting hackers to test your security, so why is it necessary? Having to bring your work home is one new reason you need to take into account. Whatever the size of your company, it’s always safe to have a firewall between you and those who want access to your internal files. You might think that no one out there wants access. But more often than not, the minute you think this is the moment you’re putting company files and personal devices at risk.

More Layers of Security is Better

When it comes to computer stuff, more tends to mean better. But having more means you have more to lose. So, when we’re talking about a hard drive that contains both your personal and work files, security is a priority. Furthermore, since hacking attacks are becoming more personalized and commonplace, a backup to your backup should be a necessity by now.

When people were hit by ransomware last year, it showed that ordinary people could be attacked too. Now, with your work and life being in one place and being done in one computer, adding a layer of security is your best protection against data failure.

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