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All about PRP Toronto and Hair Loss

Have you ever heard about PRP (platelet-rich plasma)? This revolutionary treatment is used to supply natural proteins, stem cells, cytokines and other bioactive growth factors to a human body. Although regenerative medicine once was in the domain of scientists, in the past twenty years, the medical community has gained new insights into how the physiological natural healing process functions. By starting the first stage of coagulation, a blood component known as platelets is necessary for your body to heal injuries.

The number of platelets found IN PRP is three and five times more than in normal blood circulation. In the early 1990s, doctors started understanding the effects of PRP in dental treatment, wound healing and skin grafting. Then after a decade later, the PRP is started using in orthopedic and sports medicine, including treating joint and tissue damage, arthritis remedies, and long-term pain management. Therapies have started using PRP today to revolutionize the field of hair loss. If you want PRP Hair Restoration Toronto treatment, you may get in touch with Dr. Cory Torgerson.

How PRP works?

Blood consists of two main components: plasma and red blood cells. Plasma contains white blood cells and platelets. These components of plasma are loaded with growth factors that help to prolong the growing phase of the hair cycle and stimulate hair follicles. When PRP is used in hair loss treatment, it promotes inactive or newly implanted hair follicles to go through an active growth phase. It is a natural solution for hair loss and, a medically and scientifically backed option.

Risks of PRP for Hair Loss

Some side effects of treatment are rare. Since PRP comes from your own body, there are no allergic reactions or problems with biocompatibility that you have to think about. Some patient feels mild pressure at the injection site during the procedure, but there is no need for anesthetic.

Who Can Get PRP Hair Loss Treatment?

Anybody can get this treatment, but you have recently lost your hair and you are at a young age, this treatment will give you the best results. That’s because hair follicles that have slept for a long time are difficult to reactivate. PRP treatment suits for both men and women, especially for them who have androgenic alopecia. It is a form of hair thinning which usually occurs on the top of the head. Hair loss PRP treatment is not recommended for individuals who have lupus and thyroid disease because these diseases cause continue hair loss.

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